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Vocational English Training for Woodworking Industry – Case studies book

The VETWOOD project is designed to respond to the urgent vocational Еnglish training needs of our contemporary society by matching vocational education and training to current needs of the developing European labour market. The mobility of workforce in the European Union imposes specific demands for people’s language skills directly related to employability, fast adjustment to new work environment and multinational teams.
The training materials, included in this book, are applicable in vocational college schools, universities and any short-term or long-term vocational training of woodworking company staff and as training materials for lifelong learning for individuals employed in the Woodworking Industry sector.
The Case Studies Book contains 50 case studies following the topics of theoretical training modules, included in the Student’s Book. Each module contains 5 case studies in the respective field. The case studies are supplemented by useful pictures, schemes and graphs to ease the understanding of the training material. The texts, included in this book, are scientific or popular scientific.

Vocational English Training for Woodworking Industry
Case Studies Book

ISBN 978-954-337-114-3
Обем: 174 стр.
Формат: 16/70×100